Virtual team events that don't suck.

Yes& Comedy was born from the ashes of the dumpster fire that was 2020. A year where everyone transitioned to working from home and “can you hear me now?” became the hottest new catchphrase. In improv circles, the phrase “Yes and...” serves as a bridge, a way for members of the team to connect their thoughts and ideas to create something beautiful.

Our shows will bring that magic to your teams via the power of comedy and storytelling, helping them feel more connected with your company, and one another.

Our improv comedy shows are built to be delivered via web conference, and they’re performed by award-winning comedians that know how to work a virtual room. 

Whether you’re looking for a standalone team building event or a bookend to a long day of strategy sessions, we’ve got you covered. You’ll work with our creative team to tailor the show to your needs, ensuring that each set reflects the unique nuances and challenges you’re facing today. 

What people have said about us!

Our team has done many virtual events from trivia to cooking classes. I have to say Yes& was definitely one of our favorites. From the prep call to the follow up after the show, their team was incredible to deal with. They asked all of the right questions to get a feel for what we wanted and they definitely delivered that and more!! The comedians were hilarious and super interactive throughout the entire event. A huge highlight was bringing members of our team "on stage". We had such a great time and so many laughs. It was AWESOME!! Thank you all! Looking forward to the next one!

Uber Canada


Wow, we were blown away by the event. We tried to run a few events ourselves and it always seemed to lack energy or excitement but what the Yes& team put on for us was wonderful. The team was pumped and excited and it was a very fun event. Our employees are located all around the world, and the virtual show Yes& put together was a great way for us to all connect. They did a really good job in getting people to participate which helped build connections among the team. I was impressed with the amount of preparation and effort ahead of time including working to understand our needs and our company.

Frontier CEO

Marketing Lead, Oculus

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